What Is Bail?

What Is Bail?

Bail is a legal right here in America. Any US citizen has a right to bail when they’ve been incarcerated for an accused crime. The bail system ensures that American citizens are free to leave police custody before their trial, because US citizens are considered innocent until proven guilty. Here’s how bail works:

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Setting the Bail Amount

DFW is the most trustworthy, fast, affordable way to get out of jail!The local court will determine a dollar amount based on the crime in question. This dollar amount is the bail set for an individual. The bail amount must be paid to the court to gain that individual’s release. Between the initial arrest and upcoming court dates, an individual is free to resume their normal lives – with some restrictions. Once the accused citizen attends his or her court dates, the bail amount is repaid to the party that posted bail.

For more severe criminal accusations, the bail amount will be higher than that of a minor criminal accusation. Since more severe criminal accusations lead to higher bail amounts, it can be more difficult to post bail for individuals who’ve been accused of these crimes. Often, a bail bondsman must be utilized to post bail and gain freedom for these criminally accused individuals.

Using a Bail Bondsman

When the criminally accused cannot post bail for him or herself – and he or she can’t have a friend, family member, or loved one post bail on his or her behalf – using a bail bondsman may be the most viable option. A bail bondsman may post the entire cost of bail on your behalf. However, bail bond services do have a fee which may vary from bail bondsman to bail bondsman. Since the bail bondsman posts bail on the behalf of the accused citizen, the bail amount is repaid to the bail bondsman after the accused citizen attends his or her court proceedings.

A bail bondsman may require that the criminally accused, or another party, put collateral forth to secure the bail bond, especially in the case of larger bail bonds for more severe crimes. This collateral may include a mortgage title, vehicle title, or additional property. Collateral may be required by a bail bondsman to ensure that the criminally accused attends their court dates or that the bail bondsman is compensated should the criminally accused not attend his or her trial or flee from court proceedings.

Using DFW Bail Bond Expert

DFW Bail Bonds connects the criminally accused with a local bail bondsman. We’re here to ensure that you don’t spend unnecessary time in police custody. Our bail bondsmen can earn your freedom in a short period of time; depending on the circumstances, we may be able to free you from police custody within a few hours of contact. On top of traditional bail bond services, DFW Bail Bond Expert also offers criminal defense representation…

Criminal Defense Representation

In addition to our bail bonds services, DFW may also aid you if you need legal representation. If you need protection from unfair police treatment and unwarranted police searches; if you need protection from unjust prosecution in the courtroom; or if you need help navigating through court proceedings – we’re here to help. DFW owner and operator, Gene Beaty, is an experienced criminal defense attorney. Gene has over 35 years of experience serving citizens as a judge and a criminal defense lawyer. Call on Gene to protect your best interests.

If you’re further curious about bail, utilizing a bail bondsman, or if you need a criminal defense attorney, feel free to get in touch with us here at DFW Bail Bond Expert. We’re here to aid you in maintaining your rights, regaining your freedom, and gaining protection from prosecution, unwarranted police action, and injustice.