Although bail is your legal right, there may still be some ramifications and restrictions during the period between your initial arrest and your court proceedings. During this time period – the period for which you’ve been bailed out – you may not have all of the freedoms you’d had prior to the arrest. You may have restrictions on all of the following freedoms:

Confined to the CountyGet out of jail with our bail bonds!

In certain cases, the criminally accused may not be allowed to leave the county. If you live in Dallas County, for instance, and you’ve posted bail, you may not be able to leave the county between your release from the initial arrest and your court proceedings.

Confined to the State

In the same way, you may be confined to the state in which you live if you’ve been accused of a crime and posted bail. Here in Texas, the court may make a mandate that a criminally accused person must remain within the state in the duration between the initial arrest and trial dates.

Restricted from Certain Property

An individual may also be restricted from entering certain property, depending on the accused offense. If, for instance, an individual has been accused of assault in a restaurant, they may be barred from entering that restaurant after the arrest and prior to their court proceedings.

Waived Right to Bear Arms

In many cases, an individual may be stripped of their right to bear arms during the period between an arrest and court dates. The local court may strip a citizen of this right, especially in instances where the citizen is accused of a violent crime.

Further Criminal Offenses

Obviously, a crime is still a crime – even after being accused of a criminal offense. However, being arrested for an additional crime on top of an initial accusation will likely lead to a revocation of the right to bail. If a citizen is accused of a crime, attains bail, and is suspected of committing an additional crime, they may lose their right to bail and will be incarcerated for the entire period preceding their court dates.

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