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Bail bond expert offers the best help for your loved one who was arrested for drugs. Our expert service is managed by an experienced criminal law attorney and former judge who has become an expert on bail bonding services. Knowing how to provide aggressive drug defense is critical during the stage immediately after arrest. In some cases the bail bond fee can be applied to the criminal defense or arrangements made for a discount on any criminal defense services.

By using our service, your loved one is entitled to a free initial consultation immediately after being released from jail at no additional cost, but are not obligated to use our attorney for their defense. For the cost of a bail bond alone from a reputable bondsman, your loved one receives benefits that are not available from a bonding company that is not managed by a lawyer. A bonding agent alone is unable to provide any legal advice or service or even referral to an experienced criminal lawyer. Because our service is managed by an attorney we can provide benefits and services the bail bond companies are forbidden to provide, so you and your loved one receive benefits at no extra charge-that bonding companies can’t offer.

Immediate help from an expert bondsman who is also a lawyer is critical in the drug arrest. Whether the arrest is for possession, legal advice shortly after the release from jail can make a big difference in the ultimate outcome in the case. This is especially true if this is the first time your loved one has been arrested. Often the arrest is for simple possession but the police later turn the charge into something more serious, such as intent to distribute the drugs are other more serious charges. The charge can even turn into sales or trafficking accusation, which carry severe penalties.

Being arrested for drugs is horrible enough, but the consequences of such an arrest can change someone’s life in a terrible way. Even simple possession of a drug can result and be denied apartment rental, job application or even school aid. You face the prospect of prison, a significant fine, losing your driver’s license,  community service, fines and other consequences of probation.

Marijuana possession results in many arrests in our area. A marijuana arrest is much more severe than most people imagine. Citizens routinely lose driving privileges, the ability to rent decent housing or get the jobs they deserve. Additionally, court costs and fines are high. And probation fees mount up to become quite expensive. It is critical to have a marijuana defense lawyer who can make the best of the arrest. Someone who will look at the facts surrounding the arrest to determine if there is a legal defense that could result in dismissal of the charge or some type of plea negotiation to avoid the long-term consequences the arrest.

Fortunately, there’s the possibility that the arrest could be eventually white completely off the persons’ criminal record or at least hidden from the public in the future. Working with an experienced criminal lawyer immediately after the arrest makes it possible to enjoy one of these possibilities options.

Selling drugs can result in even more severe penalties. It is a felony to possess or buy drugs that you intend to sell. You don’t need to actually sell them – the intent is enough the intent to sell is enough. Money doesn’t have change hands for one to be convicted of drug sales. The intent to sell can be proven by small bundles of drugs, scales cutting agents, or even people coming to and from your house at odd hours. Most cases result from conversations with police informants, undercover our props or perhaps bar tab. Wiretap. Unfortunately, drug arrest often results from a friend setting up your loved one for arrest.

Drug trafficking is the transport, import or selling of drugs. These are felony offenses if you are arrested with more than 28.5 grams of marijuana and you are not able to show that was for your personal use. You can be convicted for trafficking if you assist anyone selling or purchasing illegal drugs. Your role can be very little, but you can be still be found guilty.

Punishment for drug offenses in Texas are harsh – judges take a hard line with drug defendants. This often results in bail being set very high so your loved one must receive help to bond out of jail. Getting out of jail is critical because it takes a long time for drug cases to come to court. By selecting our expert bail bond service, your loved one can easily transition from getting out of jail to developing an effective drug defense with his with our experienced criminal defense lawyer. The services are different, so using our service does not obligate your loved one to select our attorney for legal services, but they do enjoy some free services while they determine what drug defense lawyer they wish to work with on their case.

The smart move is to select our expert bail bond service with free legal consultation for your loved one.

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