Assault bail bondsman


Is a loved one currently incarcerated for a recent assault charge in jail? 

You have the right to an Assault bail bond. If your loved one has been arrested for an assault accusation, you can utilize our assault Collin County Bail Bond services to regain freedom before the upcoming trial. Bail is a system to ensure that the criminally accused can exit police custody between an arrest and court proceedings. A bail bondsman can provide bail for those who don’t have instantaneous access to the full cost of bail. This service is provided at a nominal fee by one of Collin County’s bail bondsmen.

Further, we can evaluate the Protective Order that may have been issued so that your loved one can return home.

Moreover, Collin County Bail Bond Expert is unique in that we can also provide legal counsel and representation. Collin County’s owner, Gene Beaty, is a licensed defense attorney with more than 35 years defending those accused of a crime. Gene also has experience as a former judge. An assault charge is a severe criminal charge here in Collin County. Read on to learn more about assault charges, assault sentencing, and assault bail.

Assault Charges

Assault charges are often the result of a misunderstanding of the situation. Adults call the police to assist in handling an unpleasant or violent situation that is getting out of control. Often, neither party wants anyone to go to jail, but the police them to jail and make criminal charges that are often not wanted by either party. The charge can be applied for a litany of reasons. If a citizen causes bodily harm to another individual, an assault charge can be applied. It a citizen threatens another person, and may imminently cause bodily harm or cause fear of bodily harm, an assault charge may be applied. If offensive or provocative physical contact has been done to another individual, an assault charge may be applied. Take note that all assault charges can be applied, even if intent exists. In any event, an experienced Assault defense lawyer is going to be REQUIRED.

Assault Sentencing

The sentencing for assault can be severe in the Collin County. More importantly, a conviction for family violence will last a lifetime, making jobs, apartments and other basics impossible to secure. It is a horrible consequence for a misunderstanding or an argument that got out of control.

Assault can be sentenced as either a misdemeanor or a felony. Felony charges are applied for more severe assault crimes, including assault with a weapon or aggravated assault. Aggravated assault is considered an assault defense, again with intent, where the suspect attempts to cause or causes serious injury with an extreme lack of concern for human life. Assault with a deadly weapon can be applied to assault charges where a weapon was involved. ‘Deadly weapons’ can vary but may include bottles, cars, bats, guns, and more. A ‘deadly weapon’ can be any weapon that might be capable in causing death or serious bodily injury.

Sentences for assault can vary due to the severity of the charge. If the assault charge was a misdemeanor, for example, the sentence can be $500 in fines or more, and it may include jail time. Felony assault sentencing, however, can be between 2 and 4 years in prison, as well as a fine up to $10,000.

Assault Bail

During the period between an assault accusation and arrest and an assault trial, Collin County citizens have a right to bail. So long as police can no longer legally retain custody over a citizen, a bail amount will be set for an individual. This bail amount is a dollar amount set by a local court. The bail fee must be paid to regain freedom from police custody. If you utilize a bail bondsman, the bondsman will post the full cost of bail for you for a small fee. The cost of bail is repaid to the bail bondsman once the criminally accused has attended their court and trial dates. Contact Collin County Bail Bond Expert today if you need Collin County Bail Bond services, or start your jail release by filling out our jail release form online.